Some Tickle & Tickell Families

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Families in England

LAN/020Matthew Tickle b. abt. 1811 in Liverpool, Lancashire and Ann Molyneux b.1819. Matthew Tickle and many of his descendants were blacksmiths.Y-DNA
Group A
LAN/089Samuel Tickle b. 1784, Lancashire and Ellen Taylor.
Samuel and many of his descendants were also blacksmiths, but there’s no known connection as yet between this branch of the family and other Tickles who were blacksmiths.
COR.05 William Tickle b.1781, Randolph, Cornwall, and Ann Norris b. 1784.
One of their descendants, Letitia Tickle, b. 1818 in Launceston, Cornwall married William West and went to Australia in 1841.
DEV/01John Tickle b. 1800, in Bridestown, Devon & Ann Cole, who emigrated to Dungog, New South Wales, Australia in the 19th century. -
DEV/12John Tickell, b.1801 in Islington, Devon & Susan Evans. They were a family of stonemasons and millers -
ECC/01William Tickle b. 1796 in Sutton, Lancashire & Mary Ashall. William Tickle was a Ship’s Carpenter who lived in Eccleston, near St Helens, and had a number of children. -
LAN/03Thomas Tickle b.1784 in Burtonwood, Lancashire & Martha Hayes (or Heyes). Thomas was a glass cutter who moved to Manchester in the early 19th century. -
MID/00Henry Tickell b.abt 1775 and his wife, Dorothy, b.1786. They were Quakers and brewers who lived in London._
MID/04Henry Tickell b.1789 in London. Henry is the son of Henry above and was married twice.-
SUR/04John Tickell b.1801 in Lambeth, Surrey and his wife, Caroline Pratt-

Families in Ireland

IRL/01Richard Tickell of Thornthwaite, Cumberland & Katherine Fairfax (early 17th century)
The line of the Tickells of Carnolway, Kildare, Ireland.
IRL/02Thomas Nelson Tickell, b. abt 1906 & Mary (Maud) Quinn, well-to-do merchants in Dublin in the 19th century.

Families in the United States

DIG/01Marx Digel b.1548 in Immenhausen, Wuerttemburg, Germany
He is the oldest ancestor identified for the Digel Tickles
DIG/01ADaniel Tickle b.1801 & Sarah Elizabeth "Betsy" Lineberry.
DIG/01BJohn Tickle III b.1803 and Rebecca Jane 'Jennie" Wills.
GAL/01James Tickle b.1838 in St Helens, Lancashire & Ann Maria Bennett
James and Ann Maria emigrated to Galveston, Texas in the 19th century.
Y-DNA Group A

Families in Australia

DEV/01John Tickle b.1800 and Mary Ann Cole, from Devon, who went to Dungog in New South Wales, Australia.
GEOGeorge Tickle b.1818 in Birmingham, Warwickshire who was transported to New South Wales in 1834 and married Mary Ann Hill
LAN/039Peter Tickle, who emigrated to Queensland with his children in 1863.

Families in Canada