Tickle / Tickell Families in the United States

These are the main families I have information on at present. Some of this has been given to me by other people and I have not yet had a chance to check it all or add sources. If you find something you believe is incorrect, do please let me know. And if you have information on other Tickle or Tickell families in the US, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

US/001: Galveston Tickles
Descendants of James Tickle, b. 1838 in St Helens, Lancashire, England, and Ann Maria Bennett. James and Ann Maria emigrated to Galveston, Texas in the 19th century. You can read about them here, and see their family by clicking the link below. It’s likely that this family is connected to family A in Liverpool and, at present, you’ll also find him in that tree, which will be linked later. (F30 in Prescot Tickles tree)

US/002: North Carolina Tickles
Descendents of John Tickle b abt 1784 and Sarah Elizabeth Cockelress (Kachelriess) b.1780, of North Carolina, USA. At least two of their sons, Daniel and John, moved to Virginia. These Tickles are probably descended from a Johannes Digel who emigrated to the US from Germany. I have been given details of two branches of this large and complicated family tree by Ben Tickle and Bob Tickle and have put some initial information on the site. I will continue to work through it. Please contact me if you can add to it or see something you believe is incorrect. I also have one DNA result for a member of the family. If you are a male descendent with the name Tickle, I’d LOVE you to join our DNA project. (F14 in Virginia & North Carolina Tickles)

US/003: Virginia Tickles
Descendants of John George Tickle b.1844 in Virginia, USA, and Elcy (Elsie) Katherine Farley. Virginia has been the home of several Tickle families for many generations. I don’t yet know if they are all related but it would be great if we had volunteers for DNA tests to see what they show. This data will be uploaded soon.