Tickle / Tickell Families in Ireland

These are the main families I have information on at present. Some of this has been given me by other people and I have not yet had a chance to check it all or add sources. If you find something you believe is incorrect, do please let me know. And if you have information on other Tickle or Tickell families in Ireland, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

IRL/001: The Tickells of Carnolway, Kildare, Ireland. These are the only ‘landed gentry’ I have identified to date. They are descendents of Richard Tickell of Thornthwaite, Cumberland, who married Katherine Fairfax in the early 17th century. His great grandson, Thomas Tickell b. 17 Dec 1685 in Bridekirk, Cumberland, a poet, was appointed secretary to the Lords Justices of Ireland in 1725. He married Clotilda Eustace, an Irish heiress. Upon their marriage, Thomas became entitled to the family estate at Carnolway, Kildare, Ireland. The family had many military connections to India. Later, they moved to Windsor, England, to avoid the rebellion in Ireland. (F61 in Irish Tickles tree)

IRL/002: Tickell Merchants in Dublin, Ireland. They are the family and descendents of Thomas Nelson Tickell, b. abt 1906, who married Mary (Maud) Quinn in Dublin on 30 May 1828. The family were well-to-do merchants in Dublin in the 19th century. They may or may not be related to Family H above. Many Irish records were destroyed and so some details may not be completely correct. (F17 in Irish Tickles)