Tickle / Tickell Families in England & Wales

These are the main families I have information on at present. As most of the Tickles and Tickells originated in England, there are hundreds more. I’ll add them slowly. Some of this information has been given me by other people and I have not yet had a chance to check it all or add sources. If you find something you believe is incorrect, do please let me know. And if you have information on other Tickle or Tickell families in England or Wales, I’d be delighted to hear from you. (I haven’t yet covered Scotland but will do so soon).

You may also want to look at the list of Tickle / Tickell households that I identified in the 1841 Census of England & Wales – you’ll find it here.

The reference for these families is a single letter at present, which is also used to identify the DNA group in the DNA project. Hopefully, some of the families in other countries will eventually be traceable back to one of these families in England & Wales.

Family LAN/020: Liverpool Blacksmiths – DNA GROUP A
Descendents of Matthew Tickle b. abt. 1811 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England and Ann Molyneux b.1819. These are my direct ancestors. Matthew Tickle was my g.g.grandfather. He and many of his descendants were blacksmiths, and you can read their story here. Matthew’s father was James, and it’s possible that James was the son of a Bryan Tickle, but I do not have sufficient evidence to be sure yet. There are Tickles in Galveston, Texas, who may also be able to trace their ancestry back to James and / or Bryan. DNA evidence will be really useful here and 3 of my male relatives have Y-DNA results in the Tickle DNA project. (F2 in Prescot Tickles tree)

Family B: Standish Blacksmiths. Descendents of Samuel Tickle b.1784, Lancashire, England and Ellen Taylor.
Samuel and many of his descendants were also blacksmiths, but there’s no known connection as yet between this branch of the family and branch A. Perhaps DNA may provide evidence of whether they have a common ancestor. (F9 in Standish Tickles tree)

Family COR/05: Tickles from South Petherwin, Cornwall.
Descendents of William Tickle b.1781, Randolph, Cornwall, and Ann Norris b. 1784, especially Letitia Tickle, b.1818 in Launceston, Cornwall, who married William West and went to Australia in 1841. Coming soon, I hope …

Family DEV/12Devon Stonemasons.
Descendents of John Tickell, b.1801 in Islington, Devon, England, and his wife, Susan. They were a family of stonemasons and millers. (F65 in Devon Tickles tree)

Family DEV/01: Tickles from Devon.
Descendents of John Tickle b.18o1, in Bridestown, Devon, Englandand his wife, Ann Cole, who emigrated to Dungog, New South Wales, Australia in the 19th century. (F55 in Devon Tickles tree)

Family F: Sutton Tickles. Descendants of William Tickle b. 1796 in Sutton, Lancashire, and Mary Ashall.
William Tickle was a Ship’s Carpenter, who had a number of children. (F5 in Eccleston Tickles tree)