Tickle / Tickell Families in Canada

These are the main families I have information on at present. Some of this has been given to me by other people and I have not yet had a chance to check it all or add sources. If you find something you believe is incorrect, do please let me know. And if you have information on other Tickle or Tickell families in Canada, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

CAN/001: Tickles in Quebec, Canada.
Descendents of Peter Tickle b.1825, and Ann Philips b.1832 who both emigrated from England to Canada in the mid 19th century and settled in Montreal, Quebec. (F2 in Canada Tickles)

CAN/002: Tickells in Ontario, Canada, and later in the US.
Descendents of George Skinner Tickle b.1829 and Hannah Bettham b.1834., both born in England. They emigrated to Hastings, Ontario, Canada. Some of their descendents later moved to the US and became American citizens. (F4 in Canada Tickles)

CAN/003: Tickles in the Channel Islands and Toronto.
Descendents of William Tickell b.1804 and Mary Mason b.1809, both probably from the Devon/Cornwall area. They later lived in the Channel Islands. At least one son, Charles b.1847 emigrated to Ontario, Canada in the 1870s. (F9 in Canada Tickles)

CAN/004: Tickells in Vancouver, British Columbia
Descendents of William Tickell b.1843 and Ellen Salter b.1853, both born in England, who emigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia. (F6 in Canada Tickles)

CAN/005: Tickells in Durham, Ontario, Canada
Descendents of William Tickell and Laura Grace Powell, both b.1866 in England. They emigrated in 1887 and settled in Port Hope, Durham, Ontario. (F5 in Canada Tickles)

CAN/006: Tickells of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Descendents of William Henry Tickell b.1837 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England and Jemima Kimber b.1851 in Canterbury, Kent, England. They later lived in Lambeth, London before emigrating in 1893, with several children, and settling in Ontario. Some of William’s siblings remained in England. At least one also went to Canada and his brother, Alfred Benedict, went to New Zealand. (F18 in Canada Tickles)

CAN/007: Tickles in Nova Scotia
Descendents of Thomas Tickle b.1881 and Annie b.1882, who emigrated in 1904 and settled in Nova Scotia. At least one of their children later lived in British Columbia. (F19 in Canada Tickles)

CAN/008: Tickles in York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Descendents of William Tickle b.1883 and Edith Frost b.1882, both born in the Midlands of England, who emigrated to Ontario. (F24 in Canada Tickles)