Tickle / Tickell Families in Australia

These are the main families I have information on at present. Some of this has been given to me by other people and I have not yet had a chance to check it all or add sources. If you find something you believe is incorrect, do please let me know. And if you have information on other Tickle or Tickell families in Australia, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

AUS/001:  Australian Tickles from the Midlands of England
Family and Descendants of George Tickle, b.1818 in Warwickshire, England, who was sent to Australia as a convict in . He married Mary Hill, also a convict, and they remained and brought up their family in New South Wales.(F365 in New South Wales Tickles tree)

AUS/002: Australian Tickles from Lancashire Descendents of Peter Tickle b.1827, Lancashire, England. Peter Tickle was born in Lancashire, England but emigrated to Australia in 1863 under the assisted passage scheme. He was married three times and had ten children. You’ll find his branch of the family under the Tickle families from the north of Britain, as his ancestors can be traced back there, but you can see his family here. Click on the + sign next to his name to see his children with each of his wives. (F33, F47, F52 in Warrington Tickles tree)

Family DEV/001: Tickles from Devon.
Descendents of John Tickle b.18o1, in Bridestown, Devon, England, and his wife, Ann Cole. I’m in the early stages of collecting information about this family, who emigrated to Dungog, New South Wales, Australia in the 19th century. (F44 in Devon Tickles tree)