Jerrard Tickell, Irish Writer

Edward Jerrard Tickell was an Irish writer, known for his novels and World War II historical books. He was born in Dublin on 14 February 1905, and educated in Tipperary and London.

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Jerrard joined the Royal Army Service Corps in 1940 and was commissioned in 1941, when he was appointed to the War Office. Between 1943 and 1945 his official duties took him to Africa, the Middle East, Washington DC, Canada, the West Indies and Europe. He was appointed to the General Staff in 1945.

He was married to the author and psychical researcher Renée Haynes, daughter of eminent English social moralist, E. S. P. Haynes, and Oriana Huxley Waller. They had three sons: Crispin, Patrick, and Tom.

He wrote 21 novels, including “Odette”, and the bestselling “Appointment with Venus”, which was made into a film of the same name, starring David Niven, and into a Danish film called “Venus fra Vestø.” His non-fiction work includes a memoir of SOE agent Odette Hallowes, an account of No. 138 Squadron RAF,  the “Moon SDquadron”, and a history of “Ascalon”, Winston Churchill’s personal Avro York transport aircraft.

Gerrard Tickell died on 27 March 1966 at the age of 61. You can find his books on Amazon, including these below:

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