How To Search

This part of the site is where you can access the records of individuals and families that have been uploaded. It uses software called TNG to store the records, with sources, and any related media. If it’s the first time you have used TNG, you’ll find it helpful to read the information below before you begin.


At present there are three trees:

  • Tickles / Tickells from the north of Britain
  • Tickles / Tickells from the south of Britain
  • Tickles / Tickells in the USA

The trees relate to the oldest known ancestor, so there will be families now in the US who originated in England. You’l be able to find out how to search later. Nobody in a tree is related to anyone in another tree (as far as I know, anyway!). Not everyone within a tree is related to each other, either … but they might be. As the study progresses, especially in relation to DNA, I may re-organise the trees.


Within each tree there are different branches, representing different lines. In time, I hope we may find a common ancestor for some of the lines enabling us to link branches. If you have a family tree going back several generations, this can be included and you can have rights to edit and upload that branch. The advantage of including your research here is that the Guild of One-Name Studies will preserve everything, even if you are no longer around or cease to be interested.


Each time someone in the tree marries, this creates a new family. Any children of the marriage are added to the family. Because many individuals in a tree have the same name, you may only be able to identify them with any certainly because of the family they belong to.


Below family level, you’ll find the individuals who make up the study. Whenever possible, individuals will only be added when there is sufficient genealogical proof that they are who we think. As everyone who has been involved in family history knows, it is still possible to make mistakes, and you’ll find a facility to suggest corrections. Please include reference numbers for any record for which you want to suggest a change.


Unless you already know which tree the person or family belongs to, you should leave the search as ‘All Trees’. This will let you find people whose ancestors came from a different place to that in which they lived.

Take a note of the reference number of individuals and families you are interested in and you can use this to look them up in future. Here are the links you will need: