Were Your Ancestors in the 1860 US Census?

The 1860 census was the eighth census to be conducted in the United States and covered 33 states. It started on 1 June 1860 and took five months to complete. I have pulled out the entries for the Tickles and Tickells listed, according to FamilySearch, but I need your help.

In many cases, only initials are given, especially for children. As I do more research over the next few years, I hope to replace these initials with proper names. If you had ancestors who were included in the census, you may be able to speed things up by checking their entry and providing me with more information, if you have it.

What I’d love you to do is to see if you can locate your ancestors in the table and either leave a comment below or email me, giving me the Reference number and any corrections or additions to the information. Maybe you know that two of the families were related, for insurance,. If what you find is correct and complete, it would be very useful to know that as well.

How to Use the Table

You can search for a name, place, or year of birth by entering it in the Search box at the top of the table. You can’t use wildcards, but you can just enter the first few letters. Once you have found the person you are looking for, take a note of the Reference in the first column. Enter that in the Search box and you’ll see all the members of that household.


In order to identify the families on the various censuses, I’ve given them each a reference. It has three parts:

  • the first two letters are for the state or territory they were residing in at the time of the census
  • the number /6/ represents the 1860 census (/5/ will be 1850)
  • the final two characters are unique to the household. If there is an ‘S’ it indicates a ‘stray’ – not part of a household with the Tickle name. These are usually servants or visitors, although they could be relations.


Not everyone was literate and able to spell their name. The census enumerators might have to guess at the spelling from the sound of the name, and individual enumerators could spell what they heard in different ways. When the original documents were digitised, they may have been mis-transcribed due to the writing being difficult to decipher.

This means that there are likely to be errors and omissions in the data I have extracted. I omitted some names that I didn’t think were variants of Tickle but it’s possible some of these might be Tickles or Tickells. Do try alternative spellings when searching and let me know if you are unable to find a family that you believe should be there.

You can access the 1860 US Census here.

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