One of my aims in this study is to identify families and connections between families, going back many generations. As most of the Tickle / Tickell families have origins in the UK, I started by identifying households shown in the 1841 Census of England & Wales who had the surname or a variant. I found 222 households, plus 66 ‘strays’ – people with the name living in other households, as lodgers or servants for instance.

I may be able to link some of these families to each other using other records. I hope the DNA part of the study will be able to identify families with a common male ancestor way back beyond written records. You can see the full list of 1841 households here.

As I put together each family group I assigned them a reference, which you can use if you want to contact me about any of them. And please do, if you are connected to any of these families! It’s possible that some of the families are related to each other, so I may update the reference as I link existing ones.

As well as identifying households in 1841, I have done some research in other countries and have information provided by Tickle descendents. Click on the country to see families who are now settled there. The letter & number in brackets at the end of each family paragraph refers to the ID of the family in TNG, the genealogy section of this website. I’ll try to keep this up to date as more records are added. You can search this section for more records, as there are some people included whom I haven’t yet been able to link to a family.

Families in England & Wales

Families in Ireland

Families in Australia

Families in Canada

Families in the United States