Tickle / Tickell DNA Project

DNA testing can identify ancestry far further back than written records. The TICKLE/TICKELL DNA project aims to discover which branches of the family are connected. The project primarily uses Y-DNA testing. Y-DNA is passed down the male line, from father to son, virtually unchanged. As surnames are also passed down the male line, there is a close link between Y-DNA and the family name.

(Don’t worry – if you are female you can still be included in the project, but your results may not identify distant Tickle relatives, only those within a few generations.)

There are just five Y-DNA results in the project so far. I’m eager to find other males with the TICKLE name or variants who would be prepared to take a Y-DNA test to see how their results compare.

Click here to see the current DNA results.

You’ll see that there are 3 distinct sub-groups identified so far. Family A and Family F are both from Lancashire. Family V is from the US and possibly of German, rather than English origin.

If you’re a male Tickle who would be willing to participate in the project, I’d be delighted to hear from you. I can get DNA test kits through the Guild of One Name Studies  at a small discount, so please contact me. if you are willing to be tested.

Unfortunately, Y-DNA tests are a little more pricey than the standard Autosomal test, but you only need one male relative to represent your family, so maybe you can club together. You can also donate to a fund to buy kits for those who can’t afford it. Please contact me for details.

If you’re female, there are other tests that you can do, but perhaps you could persuade a male Tickle relative to represent you?

If you’ve already had a DNA test, this can be uploaded to the project as well. Your test may be what is called an Autosomal DNA test, rather than a Y-DNA test, but it can still be useful in matching close relations.There is a fund you can donate to, to assist those who cannot afford it to purchase a kit. Unfortunately Y-DNA tests are a little more expensive than the Autosomal tests which are generally advertised.

If you are a male who has reason to believe you are directly descended from a Tickle male, even if you don’t carry the surname yourself, you are welcome to participate. The test can confirm or disprove what you believe.

Find out more about the Tickle / Tickell DNA project.

A quick warning … although Y-DNA is normally passed down the male line with the surname, it’s possible there may have been illegitimacy or infidelity at some time in the past – even generations ago – and your test may not reveal what you think!

The DNA project is very new and exciting so please contact me on tickle@one-name.org if you want to participate.