Here are stories telling the history of some families bearing the Tickle / Tickell name. You can send your own family history to be considered for inclusion here.

Matthew James Tickle, Tickle ‘of the Tech’

Matthew James Tickle (or “Pop” as he was known to me) was my paternal grandfather. He was the first member of the family to obtain a university degree, an outstanding teacher, and eventually the Head of Liverpool Nautical College. Unfortunately, I don’t know as much as I would like about my grandfather’s life apart from …

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Quaker Tickells and The King’s Arms Brewery

Among the Tickells I have come across during my recent research into London records was Henry Tickell, a Quaker from Cumberland. He and his sons ran a successful brewery in London during the late 18th and early 19th century. This post may be of particular interest to my brothers – on two counts. Firstly, they …

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Were Your Ancestors in the 1860 US Census?

The 1860 census was the eighth census to be conducted in the United States and covered 33 states. It started on 1 June 1860 and took five months to complete. I have pulled out the entries for the Tickles and Tickells listed, according to FamilySearch, but I need your help. In many cases, only initials are given, …

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Costume of Australasians 1825

George Tickle – Transported Convict

Crime in Britain increased during the Industrial Revolution, especially in the expanding cities. Thousands, flocked in from the countryside but they could struggle to find work in the industrialised world. People stole simple things like food and clothing to survive. If they were caught (normally by the victim of the crime rather than the police) …

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