Arthur James Tickell and Amelia Quintin, Connecticut

This is the first of the new families I have identified from the 1900 US census. As I work my way through this census, or receive information from others, I will add the families to the Family information and write them up briefly here. I am concentrating initially on those families with English roots.

Arthur James Tickell was a silversmith, born in England in 1847. He emigrated to the US with his wife, Amelia (nee Quintin or Quinton). I believe they initially emigrated with Amelia’s parents and settled in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, where they appear on the 1870 census.


I believe Arthur James was the third son of Henry Tickle and Martha Chambers. Henry b.1817, was also a silversmith, from Warwickshire. He appears to have moved to live in the London area for a number of years in the mid 19th century, during which time three of his children, including Arthur James, were born. Arthur James had a younger brother and sister called Lucy and Walter, the names he chose for his first two children.

If I am correct that this is Arthur James’s family, he was not the only one of Henry’s children to emigrate. The two oldest children, William Henry b.1837 and Martha Winifred b.1839 emigrated to Canada. Another son, Alford or Alfred Benedict b.1845, went to New Zealand.

At some point Arthur and Amelia returned to the UK. They are shown on the passenger list of a ship arriving in New York in 1874. They travelled with two tiny children – Lucy b.1872, who was three, and their infant son, Walter Benedict b.1874. The family settled in Meriden, New Haven, Connecticut. During the second half of the 19th century, Meriden had become a notable manufacturing town, involved in the production of silver, lamps and metalware, glassware, guns, and musical instruments. There would have been plenty of work for a skilled young silversmith like Arthur.

The Meriden Britainnia Company


The couple had at five children, Arthur James b.1875 may not have lived. In the 1900 census, Arthur and Amelia are shown in Meriden with their youngest daughter, Alice. Walter B Tickell married Marie Ritter in 1897. Marie was also an immigrant, born in Bavaria, Germany. Walter and Marie (shown on the census as Mary M) also appear in the 1900 census with their two daughters, Ruth and Pearl, in the nearby town of Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut. Later, they had two sons, George and Arthur.

As far as I’m aware Arthur and Amelia have no male descendants carrying on the Tickle or Tickell name. If you know otherwise, I’d love to hear from you …

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