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This website is part of a one-name study of  the surnames Tickle and Tickell. If you are one of us, welcome to the site!

A one-name study aims to research all occurrences of a surname, wherever it is found, as opposed to looking at a single family tree or one person’s ancestors. I’m interested in where families with the surname Tickle or Tickell came from, what they did, which parts of the world they moved to, and whether different family lines are connected in the past.

There are two distinct sources of the surname – some Tickles have English ancestors, while others have German ones. The German line, as far as I’m aware, only exists in North America. These Tickles are the descendants of German immigrants whose original name was Digel. Tickles and Tickells whose ancestors were from England can also be found in North America, as well as Australia and possibly other countries.

A major focus of the site is stories about Tickle and Tickell families from the past. Do check out the blog – you can select it from the menu – or type a name or place in the search box at the bottom of this page to find what I’ve written about. If you have a story to share about your ancestors, please get in touch with me.


— Individuals

Read about interesting people, both from history and the modern day, who share the surname Tickle or Tickell. You’ll find a poet, a musician, authors, military men and preachers, sportspeople and academics.  Read more …

— Families

Here are some of the families that have been identified so far, from early census and other information. Are any of them your ancestors? Do you have a family you can add to the list? Read more …

— Stories

In my blog I tell stories about Tickles and where they came from. If you sign up to follow the blog, you’ll be notified whenever I add new information. If you have a family story to tell, please get in touch.  Read more …

— Genealogy

Explore the records in the genealogy part of the site. You can search for people that appear in your tree. This is most definitely ‘work in progress‘ and may contain errors so please let me know if you spot any! Read more …

— DNA Project

Using DNA it’s possible to find connections with others going way back beyond paper records. Find out how to participate in the DNA project here. Read more …

— Data Tables

You’ll find census and other data pulled from various sources that may help you discover ancestors whose name was mis-transcribed in online sources. Read more …


If you’re new to the site, I suggest you start by taking a look at the blog. You can select it from the menu above, or here are a couple of posts to start you off.

Quaker Tickells and The King’s Arms Brewery

Henry Tickell, a Quaker from Cumberland, followed by his sons, ran a successful brewery in London during the late 18th and early 19th century.

Ancestors in the US – Can You Help?

Let’s work together to identify all the Tickle / Tickel / Tickell families and individuals who were in the 1900 US census and try to find where they came from.